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If you have not become familiar with Dancing Supplies Depot in the past forty years, now is the time to review our high-quality dance supplies and services. Please read over our list and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Shop All Dancewear Including Accessories, Dance Shoes, and Bags.

As each year begins anew, your dance item needs should be addressed by the experts in the business. Our team of professional dancers and enthusiasts is here to help you navigate the right path forward.

Wholesale Prices and Items for Qualifying Studios and Schools.

Receive the benefit of wholesale prices and items when you are a qualifying studio or school. Experience affordable dancewear and accessories today.

Custom-Made Costumes, Uniforms, and Warm-Ups for Every School and Studio.

Sequins, spandex, rhinestones, and more. We can custom make your dance wear so that you dazzle your audience in every possible way.

On-Staff Master Pointe Shoe Fitters.

With well over forty years of experience, our Master Pointe shoe fitters will exercise precision with your pointe shoes. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

On-Staff Embroidery

With our on-staff embroidery services, you can expect both integrity and glamour. It’s our prerogative to make you shine so that you can focus on your routine as you wish.

Our wealth of experience working in the dance industry in Miami, FL has given us a purview of what really matters to and for dancers. After all, it’s not just how the shoe fits, but how it feels. When you use Dancing Supplies Depot, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of the experts. Our intention is to provide the very best dancewear, embroidery, accessories, and bags so that you can maneuver with skill through the industry. Bring to life your dancing dreams with Dancing Supplies Depot.

Photo Credits: © Daniel Azoulay, © The George Balanchine Trust, ©Alexander Iziliaev


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