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Dress Code Selection

Please select your Class and Level from the list below to view your school uniform items. If you have any questions regarding your assigned uniform selection, please Contact Us for more details.

Children’s Division

Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet
Ballet Preparatory I
Ballet Preparatory II
Ballet Preparatory III

Student Division

Level I
Boys Dance
Level II
Level III
Level IV
Level V
Level VI

Pre-Professional Division

Pre-Professional Level I
Pre-Professional Level II
Pre-Professional Division Men

Jazz, Contemporary & Character Uniforms

Jazz Level IV
(No Dance Sneakers Allowed)
(Wear Class Leotard with MCBS Logo)

Contemporary Levels V, VI & Pre-Pro
(No Shoes Barefoot)
(Wear Class Leotard with MCBS Logo)

Character Level III & IV
(Wear Character Shoes)
(Wear Class Leotard with MCBS Logo)