LARGE BUN MAKER by Dancer Only®

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LARGE BUN MAKER by Dancer Only®
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This bun maker creates a perfect bun in just minutes. Made from a flexible metal that is covered in foam for comfort.
Available Color
  • Black
  • Secure hair into a ponytail with elastic band
  • Pull the ponytail through the middle gap of the Bun Maker
  • Firmly grasp each end of Bun Maker and drag down to about 1 inch from bottom of hair
  • Firmly holding each end of the Bun Maker, roll the Bun Maker upwards until the Bun Maker is as close to the head as possible
  • Bend both ends of the Bun Maker towards each other, creating a circular shape, continue until the ends meet each other, or for a tighter hold, continue until they cross each other
  • Gently move hair around the Bun Maker

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